Art Around School

South Coogee Primary School was established in 1921 at the Russell Road site. In 2003 the school was relocated to the Stanford Gardens Estate in Beeliar.

In 2002, the Government building program included an Art project for the school and the Principal, Mr Spencer McKenna, chose the “local environment” as the theme.

Jenny Dawson, ceramicist, and Sandra Hill, designed and made the central art piece which depicts the local environments. All the students and staff from the school in 2002 drew creatures that live in the various environments around South Coogee on clay tiles. These clay tiles border the unique art work.

Our South Coogee environment embraces Coastlands, Wetlands and Bushlands. Together with the Noongar community we continually celebrate our surroundings.

The Boat symbolizes our journey through life’s memories from the past, experiences from today and dreams of goals for the future.

Wetlands Mosaic  2008

All the students from this block participated in producing this mosaic, drawn by a year 3 student, Claire Domazs.

The Wetlands mosaic depicts the Ibis. Staff and students have fond memories from the past of the oval at the old Russel Rd site being covered with these elegant birds.

Coastlands Mosaic 2009

All the students from this block participated in producing this mosaic, drawn by Carryn Edmundson, Madison Bassillio, Robyn Harris, Adele Cissida and Jamie Bell.

The Coastlands mosaic depicts what we see around us today in Coogee-Woodman’s Point Lighthouse, Coogee Jetty, the Indian Ocean and sunset, dolphins, pelicans, coral and the Cockburn City Logo.

Bushlands Mosaic 2010

All the students from this block participated in producing this mosaic, drawn by Jacob Berrisford, Campbell Bartle, Calum, Jake Mazzachelli, Ethan Bird, Haylee Close, Lin Chow, Nathan Telfer, Bryanna Smith and Stephanie Caldarero.

The Bushlands mosaic depicts the bushland which is home to our kangaroos, emus, lizards, kookaburras, koalas, echidnas and many more native creatures. We must value and conserve our bushlands for the future.

Whole school Artwork 2012 –  The Golden Wattle Tree

The clay tile Golden Wattle tree represents the whole school community working together as one identity.

In traditional times the area where the original S.C.P.S. was situated was known as Beeliar and was known to be Midgegooroo’s territory. The area extended from the Canning (Dyarlgarro) River to the Darling (Moorda) Ranges and back to the coast of Rockingham.  The area was prolific with game, plants, fruit and seeds…the Golden Wattle being one flora variety.

Through the Visual Arts programme our students create and showcase lasting artworks and memories which highlight our strong relationship and value to family and community.