AIR News from the Principal


Welcome back to the beginning of a very busy Term 4. We have many things going on this term. The Interschool Athletics will take place on Tuesday and Friday in Week 3. Field events will be held on the Tuesday and the main carnival will be held on Friday 29th. Children are preparing for the Sustainability Fair by recycling and re-using in creative ways. This is always a popular day for the children and also enables them to practise working mathematically when they use coins to purchase goods made by other classes.

Term Planner

A Term Planner is elsewhere on this website under the Communication tab. Please refer to it for any whole school events such as the Celebration Assembly, Slime run, Sausage Sizzle etc. If you are one of our wonderful parents or community members who volunteer anywhere in our school keep the date 23rd of November free for our Thank You morning tea.

Contributions and Charges

Thank you to those of you who have paid your voluntary contributions of $60 per child. This is a reminder to the rest of our parents. If you are still wanting to pay online please remember to use your child’s name as a reference, not your own. This also applies to all payments made to the school for excursions etc.Remember that they are used to give the extras that make this such a lovely school. The $60 equals 30c per day!

Slime run

Great fun ahead! Your children will have brought home forms for the 2021 main fundraising venture by your P&C. Please support them in raising funds through sponsoring your child and/or asking all your relations and friends to sponsor. In this way we are able to continue to improve the facilities for all our students. This year, the P&C provided $17 000 to provide shade sails for the renewed playground. They are always keen to support any worthwhile improvement so I would strongly encourage you to either join the P&C or to assist in the fundraising efforts.

Kindergarten classes 2022

We will be having two full Kindergarten classes in 2022. We will welcome our new 2022 Kindergarten children next Friday when they have their open day to have an introductory session. This is for children and their parents and information will be provided to them on the day.


Swimming for 2022 will be a little different for Years 3-6 who will be doing their lessons at Coogee Beach, with the proposed dates of weeks 5 and 6 of Term 1. Years P-2 are booked into the ARC and the proposed dates are weeks 7 and 8 of Term 2. These dates will be confirmed closer to the time.

Cyber Safety

Mr Manish Vashisth has begun working with our children to help them understand how to keep themselves safe online. W3 were very interested in his presentation and had a very positive discussion following.

Some of our students are also involved in The DiGii Social program. The following blurb explains what its about:

Preparing and protecting your students through
fun, immersive and age-appropriate cyber
Social media with training wheels that teaches every
child to be safe, civil, and savvy in their online life.

We are trying to teach our students to be safe online. Many of you will have seen warnings about Squid Games – a very violent show which is being copied in some schools. This is not being played here. As a cautionary message, we do know that these kind of games are being played on Minecraft and also on Roblox outside school.

Classes for 2022

Your child’s teacher and other teachers from the same year level meet later in the term to create classes for 2022. They spend time to take into consideration both social and academic factors in doing this. Teachers know your child and also any considerations which will mean a smooth transition at the beginning of the year. We do not take requests for placements from parents as this is already a very complex process drawing on teachers’ professional knowledge.

Staffing News

Ms Colleen Christie has officially retired after 37 years in teaching. She has taught around 900 students over that time and I thank her for her contribution to their education. Mr Smith is joining our staff from time to time this term to assist when staff are taking their compulsory Long Service Leave. You will notice that we have student teachers or student education assistants from time to time at the school. We take pride in being able to share our expertise from our talented staff with these aspiring educators. This term we have also have 3 ladies working with our students for Speech. I am pleased to let you all know that Miss Saber is now a permanent teacher at our school.

Mental Health Week

Staff recently participated in Mental Health Week in a Mindfulness session run by Matt Wilson from Black Dog on a Lead. This was in conjunction with Perth Meditation. Matt is one of our parents and a community member of our Wellness Committee. Some of our staff recently participated in the activities run at Bibra Lake on a Sunday during Mental Health Week. He reminded us of the importance of looking after ourselves first so we can then look after others.

Book Fair

A Book Fair will be held beginning on the 3rd November and finishing on the 5th. Proceeds of the Book Fair go to the Library.


Levi Young from Year 5 W2 recently took out the title of 4WA for the 10 Boys WA State BMX Championships held in Bunbury. He now holds this ranking for the 12 months as being ranked 4 in WA!
He also finished up 3rd overall for the WA State Competition Series for 2021.