Sports News

Many thanks to all concerned and helpers for the Field Day/800m and Main Athletic Carnivals last week. Both days proved to be very exciting and eventful. Thanks to Mrs Anderson, Mr Wheatley and Mrs Lipscombe for your valuable help at the Field Carnival.

Our main Carnival on the Friday proved to be very exciting with all our students actively engaged in their running events and many team games. Also, the Pre Primary to Year 1 Tabloid Carnival was very colourful and eventful for our younger students. Thank you to Mrs Cook and Mrs Mulholland for all your work in preparing and organising this event. Great to see so many of our parents and friends attending these Carnivals.

Of course thanks to all our teachers and staff for all your efforts on both days to ensure both Carnivals were very successful.

Thanks to these parents and friends that helped out at the Carnivals. Mr Rainey, Mr Canny, Mr Wingell, Mr Capelinha, Mr Peters, Mr & Mrs Orzanski, Ms Ross, Mrs Buckingham and Mrs Separovich. Also, thank you to the parents that helped out at the Cake & Goodies stall.

I’m sure I may have missed someone and if I have please accept my apologies.


1st Green Faction = 628
2nd Blue Faction = 557
3rd Red Faction = 490
4th Gold Faction = 489

Champion Athletes :

Year 3 Paige Bowers, Levi Young
Year 4 Asha McLernon, Thomas Partridge
Year 5 Kaci Curtis, Madison Smith and Peter Correia
Year 6 Viola Arangio, Isaiah Wingell

Congratulations to these outstanding athletes for your great efforts at both Carnivals. Well done!

Gary Gough