Sports News #1

Congratulations to our Field & Track Athletic competitors for last week’s two carnivals at Santich Park in Munster.

Thank you to our parent helpers Mrs Burns, Mrs Hicks, Mrs Barclay and Ms Bailey for transporting our students to the Field event carnival on the Wednesday. Also, thanks to Mrs Martin for assisting me on this day. It was a very busy day for all concerned.

On Friday 19th October South Coogee PS took a team of 66 competitors to the Cockburn District A Division Main Athletics Carnival. We had the most competitors of all the schools participating on this special day. South Coogee came 4th in the Outright Carnival and 3rd in the Team Game section. It was a terrific day of friendly competition and fun as part of our Athletics Program.

Thank you to Mr Johnston and Mr Scott for helping me set-up/ take down/ pack up our shade shelter and other
equipment. It’s always, such a huge job. Thanks to our staff members Ms Barnes and Mrs Anderson for all of your valuable help and support throughout the entire day. It was a very successful carnival enjoyed by all of our
students in attendance.

Well done and congratulations to Peter Correia (Year 4), for achieving the Runner-Up Champion Boy for his year at the two carnivals. Peter received a beautiful medallion for his fantastic efforts. Well done to all our competing competitors on this special day.