Sports Captains

Congratulations to the following students that were ‘voted-in’ by their fellow Year 4-6 students last Friday 1st March as Captains/ Vice Captains for their Factions in 2019.  Well done to you all and the best of luck this year at South Coogee Primary School.

RED FACTION: Captain Boys: Ben Stockman
Vice Captain: Aidan Butterfield

Captain Girls: Megan Cappeluti
Vice Captain: Summer Young

GREEN FACTION Captain Boys: Tyler Webster
Vice Captain: Shannan Webster

Captain Girls: Holly Vos
Vice Captain: Madison Smith

GOLD FACTION Captain Boys: Dean Waldock
Vice Captain: Joshua Forde

Captain Girls: Viola Arangio
Vice Captain: Matilda Mudie

BLUE FACTION Captain Boys: Pedro Job-Heidrich
Vice Captain: Peter Correia

Captain Girls: Amelia Ellis
Vice Captain: Ayda Separovich