School Board Report 26th May

The school board met via zoom on the 19th May and it was the first opportunity we have had to meet since our February meeting, due to the disruptions caused by Covid-19.

We received a comprehensive run down from the staff board members on situation as they evolved from the initial stages of Covid-19 and as it currently stands in terms of delivering education at South Coogee. The board would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the South Coogee staff for their efforts in adapting education for our children in such an uncertain time and for the continuous open communication with parents and the school community. I think many parents are happy that children are now back at school and children are happy to be back in a familiar and safe environment!

The board were also very proud to hear the positive outcomes from the three year review (during the review we were involved in providing feedback as part of the review process) and understand that the staff are now starting to look at opportunities for improvement based on feedback from the review.

There are also a number of improvements to facilities planned for around our school, for the benefit of the children and the broader school community.

Although things may be different for a little while yet, we will hopefully keep moving towards “normal”. In the meantime, please remember social distancing measures around the school grounds and continue to stay safe.

Julia Formato-Stockman
Board Chair