From the Principal Issue 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I will be on Long Service Leave from the beginning of next week for 3 weeks and Mr Bushe-Jones will be Acting Principal in my absence.

I would like to welcome Mr Hayden Glass to the School Board to represent parents as the P&C representative.

It was pleasing to see so many people at the P&C meeting. Thank you to those of you who werethere. It’s exciting to see so many parents of our younger students beginning to attend. Pleasesupport the P&C in their fundraising ventures as all your children benefit. Last year $14 500 was donated by the P&C to the school to be used directly for students.

Please consider using OSH Club if you need to drop your children off early in the morning. We cannot guarantee that your child will have supervision before 8:00am. I often think that parents who would not leave their child alone at a park think its ok to have their child on their own, often from 7:30 here at school. OSH was introduced for people who work or have to drop off or pick up other children as a service to parents. I believe attendance may be subsidised by the government.

The school is seeking donations of mulch. We have had offers for one load from one of our parents, but will need another couple to mulch gardens, both nature play areas and the area near the Kindergarten rooms. Please ring if you are able to assist us.

Mrs Parr and I visited Spearwood Alternative School to look at their undercover flooring. We continue to investigate the best covering for ours.

Progress meetings: The online booking system will be available from next week. These meetings take place on 21st March for PP-Year 6. Meetings are for 10 minutes and students, parents and teachers will discuss goals for learning. School will close on this day at 11:45am. Kindergarten meetings are for 20 minutes and may be booked for this day or arranged with the teacher on an alternative day.

Sustainability: We are very proud that our school has been selected by the Wastewise people to demonstrate an integrated approach to Sustainability to a group of teachers who will visit here from a range of schools. Mrs Anderson will give an overview of our fabulous whole school program.

A focus on attendance is required by the Department of Education. It’s not ok to stay away and ifchildren do, a reason must be provided in a note, by phone, personally to the teacher or by email. Teachers are legally unable to approve leave for holidays. Absences for holidays are marked with a‘K’ and constitute unapproved leave.

Kind regards Lynette Beard