School Representatives 2022

Student Representatives 2022

Each year our Student Representatives do a terrific job in leading our school. They coordinate assemblies, fundraising events for the school and charities and act as positive role models for other students. At the start of the year, students nominate for their positions, deliver speeches to our Year 4-6 students and then are voted in by students and school staff.

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Sports Captains 2022

Congratulations to the following students who were voted into their faction roles this year, based on the high quality of their speeches and skills in leadership and sport.

Green Faction (Goannas)

Captains: Beau & Paige 

Vice Captains: Archie & Lilla 

Red Faction (Redbacks)

Captains: Luka & Emily 

Vice Captains: Marcus & Kiara

Gold Faction (Kangaroos)

Captains: Clay & Taylah 

Vice Captains: Luca & Abigail 

Blue Faction (Bandicoots)

Captains: Kayden Maybelle 

Vice Captains: Trick & Melody 

Assistants 2022

ICT Assistants

Sienna & Lilla

Art Assistants

Malia, Stella, Ayden & Ethan

STEM Assistants

Ryley, James, Taylah, Sarah & Diezal

Library Assistants

Ethan, Quade & Georgia

Office Assistants


Flag Bearers

Jacob, Xavier & Mia

ECE Assistants

Maybelle, Lucy, Sylvia, Jack, Lily & Lilli

Performing Arts Assistants

Marley, Cailen Blake & Sophie

Sports Assistants

Kayden, Arnold & Abigail

Sustainability Assistants

Emily & Paige

Languages Assistants

Chase & Kim