School Representatives 2020

Each year our Student Representatives do a terrific job in leading our student population. They coordinate assemblies, fundraising events for the school and charities and act as positive role models for other students. At the start of the year, students nominate for their positions, deliver speeches to our Year 4-6 students and then are voted in by students and school staff.

Aiden ButterfieldAyda SeparovichScarlett TourtourisJoshua Zuvela
Madison SmithMia PavlovicPeter CorreiaMatilda Mudie

Sports Captains 2020

Congratulations to the following students who were voted into their Faction roles this year, based on the high quality of their speeches and skills in leadership and sport.



Green Faction (Goannas)

Captains:  Brody Onley and Isabella Bowers            

Vice Captains:  Blake Butcher and Tara Mrzic

Red Faction (Redbacks)

Captains:  Andre Sciascia and Summer Young         

Vice Captains: Leon Richardson and Lucah Vardy

Gold Faction (Kangaroos)

Captains:  Joshua Forde and Zara Foggerdy       

Vice Captains:  Elijah De Gaye and Lara Sulenta     

Blue Faction (Bandicoots)

Captains:  Jacob Rinaldi-Black and Kaci Curtis                

Vice Captains:  Zac Terpos and Brianna Forrest     

Assistants 2020

ICT Assistants

Zoe Westlake, Imogen Mazzuchelli and Joshua James

Art Assistants

Lilly Carroll, Tea Romcevic and Savannah Mason

STEM Assistants

Xavier Dunsire, Kairi Baker and Ruby Roberts

Library Assistants

Amberlee Greer, Izabella Ferraro

Office Assistants

Addison Bower, Jacob Rinaldi-Black

Flag Bearers

Ashleigh Barclay, Ella Nicholls

ECE Assistants

Mikayla Hicks, Brianna Abreu, Evelin Aby, Alexis Mason,

Kirat Basati, Isabella Bowers, Kade Davey

Performing Arts Assistants

Jorja Buckingham, Zara Foggerty

Sports Assistants

Riley Wood, Summer Young

Sustainability Assistants

Maria Kjstajic, Issac Morgan