School Representatives 2019

Each year our Student Representatives do a terrific job in leading our student population. They coordinate assemblies, fundraising events for the school and charities and act as positive role models for other students. At the start of the year, students nominate for their positions, deliver speeches to our Year 4-6 students and then are voted in by students and school staff.

The South Coogee Student Representatives for 2019 are: Beth Moore Kori Rainey, Toby MacDonald, Alex Lawson-Lafrentz, Isaiah Wingell, Zidane Baker, Dylan Wild Polce, Max Orzanski

Sports Captains 2019

Congratulations to the following students who were voted into their Faction roles this year, based on the high quality of their speeches and skills in leadership and sport.

Green Faction (Goannas)

Captains: Tyler Webster & Holly Vos                

Vice Captains: Shannan Webster & Madison Smith         

Red Faction (Redbacks) 

Captains: Ben Stockman & Megan Cappeluti                

Vice Captains: Aidan Butterfield & Summer Young         

Gold Faction (Kangaroos)

Captains: Dean Waldock & Viola Arangio               

Vice Captains: Joshua Forde & Matilda Mudie         

Blue Faction (Bandicoots) 

Captains: Pedro Job-Heidrich & Amelia Ellis                

Vice Captains: Peter Correia & Ayda Separovich         


ICT Assistants

Nisal Walpita, Karla Sulenta, Robbie Moors and Tyler Webster

Art Assistants

Scarlett Banecka and Lana Malenic

STEM Assistants

Dean Waldock, Shaylah Fitzpatrick, Thomas Hoyland and Indyannah Larkin

Library Assistants

Chad White, Holly Vos and Clara Ryu

Office Assistants

Chloe Peters and Chyenne Loreto

Flag Bearers

Layla Brister and Viola Arangio

Sustainability Assistants

Shannan Webster and Jamie Smith