Our Values

At South Coogee Primary School we aim to establish a community in which everybody feels valued, respected and safe. Where differences are appreciated, understood and accepted. Everybody has the right to enjoy their time at school. South Coogee Primary School uses the AIR Attributes.

  • Achieve
  • Inspire
  • Respect

These attributes are integrated into everything we do at South Coogee PS. Children learn about these through specific lessons, playing social games and through reminders during their interactions with each other, staff and community members.

Children can receive AIR Tokens from staff members for displaying positive behaviours related to the AIR Attributes. Each tokens is worth one faction point. They also have the opportunity to go into the draw at assemblies to win a small prize from Mr. Gough!

We have found these positive rewards help to focus the children on what is expected of them and bonds our factions.  Students in each factions work together towards earning a reward at the end of each term.