Our school

South Coogee Primary school is an Independent Public School, our community welcomes you to our website. We pride ourselves on the child centred learning we provide within an attractive and safe environment.

The staff at South Coogee Primary School believe that education is the shared responsibility of teachers, students, parents and the community. We provide a learning environment that is safe, welcoming and supportive. Where it is beneficial to the individual student, they remain with the same teacher for more than one year to foster positive relationships between teachers, students and their families.

South Coogee Independent Public School is staffed through a merit selection process, and staff is carefully chosen to meet the particular needs of our school.

Parents are regularly invited into classrooms to support the teaching and learning programs and to participate in special events such as Book week and Education week. Parents and families are encouraged to attend school assemblies. You will find details in the Parent information tab of how you can become involved.

Our behaviour management policy is based on the TRIBES program and Restorative justice.  It is supported by the Virtues and PATHS  Projects. The school has the services of a school chaplain.

Partnerships with community organisations such as Cockburn City Council in their Coastcare program help us to maintain and improve our physical surroundings and to develop Environmental responsibility. We build on this through our Sustainability program. Further partnerships with Ardoch provide adult mentors and role models for senior school students.

The school has a close mentor relationship with local universities and high schools developing and utilising the skills of pre-service teachers and work experience students to enhance programs.

In order to meet the individual needs of all students and the rapidly changing workforce requirements we tailor learning to suit different abilities of students. We provide curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum and the support documents provided by the Department of Education.

Planning takes into account whole-school values, beliefs, differing developmental levels and the individual needs of each student. This planning reflects current educational practice and is responsive to the changing trends, technologies and expectations of the school community.

The school provides a range of technologies for the students to use in their learning. The purchase of these is strongly supported by our Parents and Citizens Association.

We provide feedback to students and the community through reports, informal and formal interviews, newsletters, assemblies, displays of work and partnerships with other schools.
Our staff is committed to ensuring that every student reaches their potential. We believe that students learn in a variety of ways and develop at different rates and that learning should respect the different strengths, challenges and diverse social backgrounds that each child brings to the school context.