Message From The School Board

On Tuesday 26 March the School Board held its second meeting for the year.

On behalf of the board we welcomed our new P&C representative Philippa Aitken and our 2019 Staff representative Andrew McNamara – it is wonderful to have you both as part of the Board. We would also like to formally acknowledge and thank outgoing Board Chair Narelle Brookes and 2018 Staff representative Brooke Sputore for their contributions.

It was a pleasure attend the morning tea with the Regional Executive Director, Mrs Sue Cuneo – she appeared to be very engaged as she toured the school and made specific comments on the beautiful artwork around the school grounds.

The Annual Report is now available on the Department of Education Schools’ Online website and provides an overview of school programs and academic achievements along with other information and data relevant to the school, which we encourage the school community to read.

Julia Formato-Stockman

Board Chair