The Arts

The Arts is one of the 8 Australian Curriculum learning areas and we look forward to your continued support in promoting and developing the importance of creativity and skills through the Arts for your children.

The Arts Learning Committee has taken the initiative to set in place annual year level incursions and excursions to enrich the students’ learning through the Arts – Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance and Media.

Whole School Arts Plan

Year 2 – Edu Dance (incursion)
Year 3 – WA Ballet Performance (excursion)
Year 4 – Edu Dance (incursion)
Year 5 – Perth Art Gallery (excursion)
Year 6 – Edu Dance (incursion)

Students will participate in Edu Dance every second year. Edu Dance incursion culminates in a free performance for parents and families. All children are expected to participate to develop their skills.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up only if you try!” Dr Seuss.

Our dedicated teachers offer Choir to interested students. We encourage whole school singing at our assemblies.Instrumental music (guitar) is also taught.

Whole School Art Projects


The mosaics around the school have been designed by our specialist Art teacher and all involved the children in the creation process. The Art experiences across the school are of a high standard and it is an area of great pride to the school.

Inspiration Grove

With Mrs Bux’s creative vision, these have been created by every child in our P-7 classes and were made possible through the donation of poles and labour from Western Power, and a grant from the City of Cockburn. Supervision and assistance was provided by a willing band of parents and Mrs Christine Ireland and Mr Steve Lushey.