South Coogee Primary School has an established STEMbased Design and Technology program. This was in response to state and national calls for a stronger focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and ‘creative thinking’ in schools.

Classes from all year levels visit the school’s STEM lab once a week for project-based learning which is designed to complement the STEM-based learning that also occurs within regular classrooms. This approach to learning allows students to gain and apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop creative and critical thinking skills within an authentic context. But above all helps students develop as independent learners.

The STEM lab is well resourced with a range of science equipment, building tools, cooking utensils and appliances, sewing machines and craft materials.

The education projects that are delivered as part of the SCPS STEM Program:

  • promote sustainability and healthy environments;
  • are valued and considered meaningful by students and the broader community;
  • are in line with the Design and Technology Curriculum; and
  • incorporate other subject curriculums, in particular English, Science, Maths and the Arts.


The planning of this initiative is undertaken as part of a project-based learning strategy in which the Year 6 students are handed the responsibility of hosting a STEM Fair for their fellow students. Visit the STEM Fair website where you can further explore STEM activities and teacher resources.