Speech Pathology in Schools Program

At South Coogee Primary School we are lucky to be participating in the Speech Pathology in Schools Program in partnership with Fremantle Speech Pathology and Curtin University. Speech Pathology students (SP students) assess and provide direct intervention to the children of our school who are experiencing difficulty with their speech, language and/or literacy development. The SP students are supervised by experienced Speech Pathologists from Fremantle Speech Pathology Services (FSPS).

All children in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary are screened to investigate areas such as:

  • Speech sound development
  • Oral language
  • Pre-literacy development
  • Speech fluency

Those children identified as experiencing difficulty in any of these areas are provided with small group or individual assistance by the SP students. Reports with results of the screening are made available to parents, and meetings arranged to discuss results when required. 

Children from Year 1 to 6 who are identified by their teacher as struggling with speech, language or literacy development can also receive a full assessment (with a report) and follow-up intervention by the SP students either in small groups or individually.