Physical Education

The Physical Education program run primarily by the specialist teacher at South Coogee Primary School aims to provide a combination of co-operation, competition, individual and group involvement.

The whole school program has teachers in Years 2-6 being involved in block sport and many inter-school fixtures. The school annually participates in various programs and carnivals with the main sports being netball, Australian rules football, minkey, hockey, cricket, soccer, tag-rugby, tennis and other disciplines.

The students are very proud of the trophies school teams won at Carnivals and Interschool events.

Swimming Lessons are provided for all students from Pre-Primary to Year Six. The school organises and facilitates both Faction Athletic and Interschool Athletic Carnivals within the Fremantle-Peel District.

There are a range of partnerships that broaden the Physical Education experience for the students which include visiting sport organisations, groups and individuals. The core of the program consists of components such as: Swimming (Aquatics), Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics and Game Skills. An external dance company provides a quality program for Years 2, 4 and 6.

The focus with the younger students is on fundamental movement skills especially disciplines of body management skills, loco-motor skills and object control skills.

Running Club: Students voluntarily participate in a teacher supervised early morning running club to improve fitness. This is followed by a Breakfast Club run by our school chaplain Caroline. This is not run during all weeks during the year, please look our for updates via CONNECT and Facebook.

Colour Run

Faction Athletics Carnival