Students at South Coogee Primary School are offered a comprehensive range of musical experiences that cater for students of all ages and abilities. these include:

Music Program – this is a specialist program that is offered to students from Pre Primary to Year 6. Students are immersed in the theoretical and practical application of music during these lessons. This includes learning about rhythm, beats, singing and playing instruments.

Ukulele Club – This program is run before school for students across year levels and provides free explicit instruction in playing the ukulele.

Choir – This program is run before school and is offered to students across year levels who are interested in learning the skills involved in singing in a choir. Participants in the choir have opportunities to sing at school events such as ANZAC Day and out of school events such as concerts and competitions.

Drumming Circle – This program is run before school for students across year areas.

Instrumental Music – This specialist program allows students to learn brass instruments such as the trumpet, flute, clarinet and trombone. This program is offered to selected students in Years 5 and 6 who undertake testing run through Fremantle College.