Principal’s Update-Issue 19

We have had a range of visitors and workmen in the school recently.  As well as these people coming into the school our students have been out of the school on excursions and swimming. It is so rewarding to hear positive comments regarding both the manners and attentiveness of your children and the appearance of the school. We are all very fortunate to be able to work and learn in such a great community and at such a beautiful school.

Thank you to Mr Moors (a parent at school) who has taken a series of drone photos which show the school looking its best.

The school uniform policy has been adjusted to reflect mandatory changes brought in by the Department of Education. The changes include shorts for both girls and boys. This is not a big change for us, as we have allowed girls to wear shorts previously.

While swimming lessons interrupt our school program, we consider it is vital for children in Australia to learn to swim. Our children are very lucky to be able to access such a beautiful venue, so close to the school. 

Student placement at South Coogee is made with consideration of many factors including academic and social/emotional elements. Teachers work together to determine the best placement for children. Each year time is set aside for a process which we have refined to do this. There are many considerations in this placement of students from different classes into  the next year level.
For this reason, we have been consistent over the last few years that we advise parents that special requests for placement cannot be considered.

Over 20 parents attended the BYOD meeting this week. Parents who were not able to attend our Information session on BYOD please refer to our BYOD section to obtain information on this program.

Alternatively you are welcome to come and talk to Mr Bushe-Jones or Mrs Dawson about our program.

Kind regards
Lyn Beard