Principals Update-Issue 18

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Our wonderful new Nature Playground is due for handover. Next week we will officially open the playground and children will visit it with their teachers and play at designated times to ensure that there is play opportunity for everyone. If you would like to, please join us at 9:00am on Monday for a short opening ceremony. After this, parents will have the opportunity to come with me to have a closer look at the different elements which have been carefully planned. We would welcome donations of established trees. We will put a list of required varieties on Connect in the near future. Any donations will be labelled with families’ names for future generations.

While this has been costly to erect, it is obvious that the level of craftsmanship is very high, and the playground has been constructed by people who really care about a sustainable environment and opportunity for creative play for your children. Thanks go to all of you who have supported fundraising by the P&C over the year, as your P&C has offered $10 000 towards the cost. 

The current Dress Code can be found on the website.  Department of Education policy regarding Dress code for students has been amended. This is to allow for gender equity for all including shorts for both boys and girls. This new policy will be discussed at the next Board meeting and mandatory amendments will be made to our school policy. We already allow our girls to wear navy shorts, but this will be formalised. I want to let you know now as you may want to purchase summer uniform items. Navy shorts for girls cannot be purchased yet through the uniform shop, but there are a number of stores at the local shopping centre which carry them.

All children must tie long hair back because long hair interferes with school activities and for health reasons. All children must wear suitable footwear to enable them to participate in all school activities. Joggers, closed in shoes, sneakers and sandals with a strap are advisable. Boots, rolling sneakers and thongs are not suitable for school wear. Students are not permitted to remove their shoes unless under strict supervision due to the possible presence of glass and syringes.

Kind regards
Lyn Beard