Year 6 Transition from Primary School to High School

The Year 6 students leave South Coogee Primary School to attend a range of both public and private high schools. It can be a time of excitement but also concerns for both the students and their parents.

We have developed a program to help support our students as they make this transition.

Our transition program is based on the Western Australian Curriculum and Be You, a national mental health in education initiative.

Organisational Skills

  • Time management
  • Managing homework
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Structure of high school expectations

Mental Health

  • Identifying values
  • Goal setting
  • Helping friends in need
  • Building and maintaining resilience
  • Self-care
  • Strategies for building new friendships

Students participate in workshops with support from an external provider. We encourage talking about mental health to normalise conversation and reduce the stigma. The ultimate outcome is that students feel comfortable asking for help.

Sexual Health

  • Menstruation
  • The reproductive system
  • Sexual feelings
  • Body image
  • Protective behaviours
  • Consent and boundaries

Cyber Safety

Students participate in webinars conducted by the eSafety Commissioner and workshops through external providers, to encourage safe, responsible and ethical use of digital technologies. Specific attention is given to promoting safe social networking, protecting personal information and responding to cyberbullying and unwanted contact.


At South Coogee Primary School, there are a range of graduation activities to celebrate reaching the end of the final year of primary school. Students participate in three days of exciting excursion activities and attend a formal graduation ceremony followed by a celebratory graduation lunch.

Student voice is encouraged throughout the year to maintain open communication in order to support the students to make a positive transition to high school.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact the Year 6 teachers.