School Uniform

Second hand uniforms are available for purchase at low cost from the front office.  Donations of pre-loved uniforms are welcomed. All funds raised are used for a whole school activity during the year.

As with other valuables the school can take no responsibility for lost items. All uniform items should be clearly marked with the child’s name with a permanent marker.

Ordering Online

You can order uniforms online through Nell Gray , located at 1/35 Biscayne Way, Jandakot or online at Uniform Concepts – Total Apparel Management – Nell Gray

South Coogee Dress Code

South Coogee has an established mandatory dress code. This reflects the Department of Education school dress code and policy. This is reviewed from time to time by the School Board to ensure we are compliant with departmental policy. Our school colours are navy blue and maroon.

Girls: School polo shirt, skirt, skort, loose fitting mid thigh length navy shorts, navy track pants, jacket and school hat, school cap or navy wide brimmed hat

Only plain black or navy leggings and stockings are only allowed to be worn under skirts or skorts

Boys: School polo shirt, loose fitting mid thigh length navy shorts, navy track pants, jacket and school hat, cap or wide brimmed hats

Jewellery:  Jewellery is not be be worn except small sleepers or stud earrings and wrist watch

Makeup/Nail Polish: Makeup and bright coloured nail polish are not permitted

Hair: Long hair is to be tied back regardless of gender

Footwear: All children wear suitable footwear for active play and phys-ed. Joggers, closed in shoes and sandals with a strap are advisable for safety reasons

School Education Act 1999 Regulation 34 states: The principal of a government school is to ensure that each student enrolled at the school and, unless the student is an adult student or an independent minor, a parent of the student or a person responsible for the student are informed in writing – at the time of the student’s enrolment at the school about the requirements of the school’s dress code (if any); and about any changes to the school’s dress code.

Regulation 36.2: The principal may do one or both of the following things-

Prevent the student from attending any activity in respect of which the student would have been representing the school; or

Prevent the student from attending or participating in any school activity which, in the opinion of the principal, is not part of the essential educational programme of the school.

Uniforms can be purchased from Nell Gray which is located at 1/35 Biscayne Way, Jandakot. Phone 9270 4650. Please check their website at for opening hours and ordering details.