From the Principal Issue 8

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Coastlands 3 will be hosting the assembly tomorrow. There will also be an assembly next Friday hosted by Bushlands 2.

The School Board will meet next Tuesday at 8:50 in the staff/Conference room. This is the open meeting required in the Board Constitution, and members of the school community are welcome to attend.

Tomorrow is the national “Walk Safely to School Day”. Students are encouraged to walk to school, either from their homes, or if this is too far, parents are encouraged to park away from the school and then walk the last few blocks. Students who walk to school will receive a sticker at the school gates and be acknowledged at assembly. There is a flyer at the end of this newsletter with information.

NAPLAN Week has gone smoothly for all children. They have been well prepared by their teachers and Mrs Whittaker and have taken the testing in their stride.

Mrs Sputore is coordinating a District wide Butterfly Project as part of the STEM program. This is an important project for the environment, aimed at providing a corridor of butterfly supporting plants across our network. I am pleased to let you know that Cockburn Cement has provided a grant of $2800 to support this work, and has offered seedlings to all schools participating to grow for the first phase of the project.

It is great to see the numbers of students, staff and parents joining in Runners Club. Mr Bush-Jones reports that there were around 40 students running this morning and then enjoying breakfast. I would like to acknowledge those staff who organise and participate in Runners Club to both build fitness themselves and for the students, and also to ensure the children are safe. A special thanks goes to those parents who feed the students at Breakfast Club so efficiently.

The school is trying to streamline absence notifications to assist you. If you know that your child will be absent please SMS 0447 994 007 before 9.30am. A text message will be sent to notify you of an unexplained absence or late arrival of your child. Late children who do not have a valid rea- son as to why they are late will be marked as ‘X’ Unacceptable Reason.

This SMS service will gradually replace the School App by the end of this month. Please save 0447 994 007 to your phone, so that you can notify of students’ absence in advance. This number is SMS only.

Kind regards

Lyn Beard Principal