From the Principal Issue 5

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Happy Easter to you all! I trust that you enjoy the long break with your children. Please remember that Tuesday is a holiday for all schools, and Wednesday is a School Development Day for our school. Children do not attend. This hopefully gives you all a good chance to go on those holidays as a family without children missing important school days.

I would like to acknowledge the work of Mr Bushe-Jones in taking on the role of Acting Principal while I was in India and to Mrs Dawson for taking on the extra load in her role as Deputy Principal. Currently while Mrs Parr is on leave for 8 weeks, Mrs Cotton is the Acting Manager Corporate Services and Mrs Puglia will be greeting you at the front office. Mrs Wood is our Library Officer during this time. The shared leadership model we have developed here ensures there is no break inthe workings of your child’s school when one or other of the administration is on leave or atprofessional learning.

We see that the numbers of parents using Connect are growing. Please see the front office or yourchild’s teacher if you are unsure of how to use it. The log on you used to get your child’s report lastyear is your log on for Connect. Your child’s teacher is also learning how to use this communication tool, so please be patient. On Connect, in time, you will get notifications and weekly updates withphotos of children’s learning activities. Our aim as your Independent Public School is to continue todevelop equal opportunity for parents as partners in their child’s learning whether they are presentat the school, or a working parent.

We are saying goodbye to our Chaplain, Coral. You will find a farewell letter from her later in this newsletter. I would like to thank her for her dedicated service to our children, staff and those parents with whom she has worked, and for the time she has given to Breakfast Club to ensure a healthy start to the day for many students. I certainly wish her all the very best for the happy future she deserves. Youthcare is working hard to find us a suitable replacement.

Working parents are advised to consider OSH Club for children before and after school. Supervision cannot be guaranteed for children who arrive early, and while you may think your child is ok, they often end up getting into mischief and this leads to a poor start to their learning day. Apart from this, we cannot guarantee that everyone who comes on site before we are here can be trusted. Likewise, after school, staff often has meetings and close supervision cannot be guaranteed.

On Wednesday mornings on odd weeks (1,3,5 etc) teachers meet together to discuss the learning program in their blocks. The handbell goes at 8:45 and teachers open doors at 8:50.

  • All children need to be seated in the area between the admin and staffroom
  • This is whether they are with their parents or on their own
  • Children are not allowed in the Pre Primary area during this time
  • Parents are advised to send or bring children later on these mornings.

Yours sincerely,

Lyn Beard Principal