From the Principal Issue 1

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our new families.

What a wonderful start to the school year we have had!  The students have settled into their learning programs promptly, our classrooms look amazing and everyone looks and sounds very refreshed.

Teachers will be having class meetings in the next week or so, so please either try to come so you can meet other parents, or read the notes sent home following these so that you are aware of classroom processes and what is happening in your child’s class.

Classroom Profile
Associate Principals are Mr Bushe-Jones and Mrs Dawson.
Manager Corporate Services is Mrs Parr.

B1 Year 1 Mrs Newman (Mon, Tues, Thurs) and Miss Woodliff (Wed,Fri)
B2 Year 1/2 Mrs Mulholland
B3 Year 2 Ms Byrne (Mon, Tues, Wed) and Mrs Wheatley (Thurs, Fri)
B4 Year 1 Miss Mayho
B5 Pre-primary Miss Moore, Ms Maskos
B6 Pre-primary Miss Chapman-Hill (Miss Hill), Ms Standley
B7 Pre-primary Ms Cook , Mrs Cain
B8 Kindergarten Mrs Calcei (Platypus Mon, Wed) and Mrs Rivers
B9 Kindergarten Mrs Christie (Kangaroos Mon, Wed; Koalas Tues, Thurs) Mrs O’Brien (Friday and Mrs Shaw

C1 Year 3 Ms Christie (Mon, Tues, Wed) and Ms Whittaker (Thurs, Fri)
C2 Year 3 Mrs Duce
C3 Year 3 Mrs Bickley (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) and Mrs Canny (Friday)
C4 Year 2 Miss Tyrie
C5 Year 6 Mr McNamara
C6 Year 6 Ms Spears

W1 Year 4/5 Ms Barnes
W2 Ms Young
W3 Indonesian Ibu Cristy (Wed, Thurs, Fri)
W4 Year 5 Ms Anderson
W5 Year 5 Mr Wheatley
W6 Art Mrs Bux (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Stem Room Mrs Sputore (Mon, Thurs, Fri)

Music Room Mrs Wheatley (Mon,Tues, Wed)

Physical Education/Health Mr Gough

Education Assistant Mrs Miller (Multi Lit)

Special Needs Education Assistants Mrs Martin, Ms Bowden, Mrs Lipscombe, Mrs Pearson, Mr Toase

Office and Grounds Mrs Parr (CMS) Mrs Puglia (Library and Front Office), Mrs Cotton (Office Tues-Fri), Mr Scott (Grounds), Mr Ramkhalawon, Mr M Black and Mr C Black (Cleaning)

School Leadership Mr Bushe-Jones, Mrs Dawson, Mrs Beard

Communications from the school
Communications from your child’s teacher and school messages and reports will be sent home via the Department of Education’s Connect system. All parents should have a log in for this. Please see the office for information about this so you are able to access all information.

The school’s P&C do a great job of managing the South Coogee Primary School Facebook page and you might want to link into that to get news and photos.

Regular school attendance is integral to successful schooling. High levels of student attendance are strongly linked to successful academic, physical and social outcomes. We expect children will attend unless they are ill or have an urgent appointment. The school uses Messageyou to inform parents when students are marked absent without a valid reason. Records are adjusted when a reason is provided. Family holidays cannot legally be noted as a valid reason.

If you child will be away please send an SMS message to 0447 994 007.

Students who arrive after the bell (8:50) must go to the office for a LATE SLIP to be given to the class teacher.