From the Principal -AIR News

Dear Parents and Carers,

I know that you will join me in thanking Mrs Dawson for the manner in which she has carried out the duties as Principal at the beginning of the year. She has been ably assisted by Mrs Baden-Powell. We also have been very fortunate to have had Mrs Harrison return to us to help out in what has been a tricky start to the year.

I want to personally thank you all on behalf of my family, particularly Ibu Cristy for the love and support we have had from such a large number of our community. I can assure you that we are both glad to be back with you all. Your children have given us so much comfort in the last couple of weeks.

Mrs Lyn Beard
Thank you to Youth Care for these beautiful flowers

ECE Nature Playground

Please contribute to help us finish our Nature Play Stage 2. The first stage of our Early Childhood Nature Playground has been completed at a cost of $35 000, and after some minor adjustments will be open for use on Monday. We will formally announce this at assembly on Friday afternoon. It is envisaged that the playground will be used at different times by Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Year 1 and possibly Year 2 classes. The playground will open up the grassed area behind Wetlands, while still having a safety gate to the south. It is really important that we make the best use of our grounds that we can. Some of the $60 funds provided through your voluntary contributions have been set aside to contribute to this. We would encourage you to take advantage of any of the payment schemes including EFT, cash, or ongoing part payments to assist us in providing such wonderful facilities for your children. We will also be having a fundraiser organised by our Student Representatives for the whole school and funds will be directed to this to encourage ownership of the project by the children. We hope that our parents will support this.

Student Leadership at South Coogee PS

Our Faction Captains and Vice Captains proudly received their badges last week. It is pleasing to see so many Year 5 and 6 leaders wearing their badges round the school with such pride.

Here are most of our Student Representatives & Faction Captains and Vice Captains!

Progress Meetings

These will be held on the 24th March from 11:45. The school has permission to close early that day. A timetable is available through Try Booking and the link has been sent home to individual classes. This is a time for a 10 minute information session about your child’s progress. If longer meetings are needed these should be arranged at a different time. OSH Club will be available from 11:45.

Late Open

Teacher meetings are held every odd week on Wednesday mornings. These ensure the best cooperative education possible for your child. The next late opening of classroom doors will be next Wednesday 17th March. The hand bell rings at 8:45am on these mornings and school starts at the normal time.

Lego Donations

Our Gardener/Handyman Luke has made some low tables for our children in each block to make Lego construction. This play approach to learning provides lots of practice in spatial awareness for all year levels, an important component of our Mathematics curriculum. If you have any unused Lego at home we would love to have it donated. Please leave it at the front desk.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day will be held on Friday 19th March. Children can wear clothes representing their cultural background or something orange. The theme is ‘Everyone belongs at South Coogee’.