From the Principal -AIR News

Directors’ visit:

Last Tuesday both the Director of Education, South Metropolitan, Mr Ken Perris and the Assistant Director, Mr Matt Osborne visited our school. They were shown around our beautiful school, looking at our art works and our 6 seasons mural as well as the play areas. They visited some children in the Library and checked out our clusters. Both Directors said they were impressed by the calmness, high level of care and equipment available to our students and staff. They took many photos of the highlights.

Assemblies next term:

Next term assemblies will return to a morning timetable starting at 9am. There has been difficulty fitting our Junior Sport sessions into the space between lunch and assembly, and as we are required to do a certain time allocation for sport it has been decided to return assembly to the morning.

Progress meetings:

We hope you all found the progress meetings helpful in understanding how you can encourage your child to meet goals. Teachers tell me that children who were in the meetings were very pleased to be able to discuss their work with their parents.


Children are loving their new Nature Playground. They are very excited about being able to clamber up the rocks, dabble in the water and balance on the logs. The children are also making better use of the lovely grass hill behind the playground.

The original playground between Wetlands and Bushlands is still compliant, however the soft fall is now needing to be replaced. The Department of Education representatives have determined that the two trees in the playground itself will need to be removed. We are all sad to have to see them go, but as the roots need to be trimmed when the matting is removed, they will become unsafe and therefore the arborist has said their removal is inevitable. There is debate about whether the soft fall will be replaced or whether the area will have sand instead. This is not our decision as the works are being funded by the Department.

Interschool competition:

We were really proud of our children who competed in the interschool Basketball and Cricket. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and participated very well. Mr Gough tells me that our school is one of the very few in our district who participate in interschool competitions. He has put out a separate Connect notice about this. It is a special memory for children in their last couple of years in Primary school and we hope that the competitions continue. Both the cricket boys and girls teams won!


Our Year 6 students will be attending the Cockburn District Youth ANZAC Day Parade. We will be holding an ANZAC ceremony for the children with the choir performing as we do each year.

Cyber Safety:

We encourage parents to be aware of the way that children are using social media and the internet. Most social media sites have an age limit, and although your child may tell you that everyone else is allowed to use them, this is not usually true.

The City of Cockburn has sent us information about the following site which may be useful for you in monitoring children’s use.  We also sent out a CONNECT notice last week about Cyber Safety with links to the e-safety website. This website contains a lot of useful information for parents and is worth a read.

Meet Our Volunteers

‘Meet Our Volunteers’ is a new monthly post thanks to Mrs Sputore’s initiative that will feature some of the amazing people who donate their time to help out at South Coogee Primary School. Volunteers play an important role at our school. They support learning, assist in the delivery of services and create a positive educational environment. Without our volunteers many of the initiatives offered at South Coogee Primary School would not be possible.

Please meet (from left to right) Sam, David, Dean, Justin and Josh. On Monday, this crew of volunteers raised funds for the P&C by making over 300 sausage sizzle lunch packs. 

The staff and students at South Coogee Primary School thank you for your service!