From the Principal – AIR News 19 February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

After a difficult start to 2021 in more ways than one for our South Coogee community, students and staff have settled in well to Term 1. During the last two weeks there has been a sense of calm across the school, allowing for a positive and smooth start to the year. Walking around the classrooms, and at recess and lunch, children are engaged in learning and play. It has been lovely to see their smiling faces after such a long break from school. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our community for your support and understanding. Lyn, our Principal, and Cristy, our Indonesian teacher, have felt wrapped in love from everyone. Whilst Lyn is on leave we have been very fortunate to have welcomed back Julie Harrison as Associate Principal. This has ensured a smooth transition to 2021 for our school.

Mrs. Lyn Beard & Ms. Amy Dawson

This year we have welcomed quite a few new staff to our school. I’m positive that they have appreciated the kindness and inclusiveness that is South Coogee PS. We have welcomed Sarah Baden-Powell, our new Associate Principal. Sarah has previously worked in a variety of schools in the country, and more recently in the COVID Team for the Department of Education. 2021 has also seen us welcome a new school psychologist, Sheleen Davis. She will be at our school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Sheleen has been a school psychologist for many years, more recently working in the private school sector. When you come in the front office I’m sure you have noticed a new but familiar smiling face, Helen Lipscombe. She is our school officer for Term 1 this year.  All three ladies have fit in seamlessly to the admin team! Gemma Clarkson in Kindergarten, and Claire Scott in Year 2 have also returned for 2021 after winning a position through our merit selection process.

                           Mrs. Claire Scott                     Mrs. Julie Harrison               Mrs. Gemma Clarkson       Mrs. Sarah Baden-Powell                                                                                                                                                                        & Mrs. Helen Lipscombe

We have also welcomed three new teachers for 2021 who also won positions through our merit selection process. Liam Broad is teaching in Year 5, and has come from Baynton West Primary School in Karratha. Emma Rosenberg is teaching Year 2, and has come from Baler Primary School in South Headland.  Kylie Saber is teaching Year 1, and has come from Cassia Primary School in South Hedland. We have also welcomed a new Special Needs Education Assistant to the team for Term 1, Natalie Cattle. It’s always hard to start in a new school! If you see them around the school please say hello!

                  Miss. Emma Rosenberg                  Mr. Liam Broad                     Miss. Kylie Saber                    Ms. Natalie Cattle

This week saw WA return to Phase 4 restrictions, I want to personally thank our South Coogee community on behalf of all our staff for your flexibility and co-operation during this time, especially with swimming. Swimming in 2020 was put on the back burner due to COVID-19, and it looked set to repeat for 2021. As we did not want our students to miss out on an opportunity to participate in swimming this year, we decided that rather than cancel altogether we would complete the 5 day program instead. We then crossed our fingers and waited to see if it would go ahead this week – and it did! The students were very excited! Especially our smallest swimmers the Pre-Primaries – they have all had a blast! We are looking into running swimming later in the year for 10 day program if allowed. In the interim there is Vac Swim during each school holiday period. As you paid $53 for swimming, $26.50 will be credited to the child’s account which can be used for future incursions, excursions or voluntary contributions (please let the office know if you want it to be credited to your voluntary contributions).

Some Happy Swimmers! 

                          Yr. 2s Naomi and Noah               Yr. 6s Stefania, Charlotte & Lucah                  B9 Pre-Primaries

Information about Vac Swim can be found by following the link below

South Coogee Primary School is turning 100 in 2021!

In 2021, South Coogee Primary School is celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Congratulations to Lazar Malenic, the winner of the School Logo Design competition. Lazar’s design will be used by South Coogee Primary School in recognition of 100 years of education.

Lazar Malenic Yr. 6

A little bit of South Coogee History from Yvonne Bux

This school was built in 2002, we shifted April 2003, from the corner of Stock and Russell roads. The Boat artwork was a government initiative- all new government buildings now have a 1% Art Grant for an artwork. Jenny Dawson, along with Sandra Hill were selected and commissioned to create the artwork representing the surroundings of the South Coogee area- Wetlands, Bushlands , Coastlands, and the Indigenous heritage. Every student worked with Jenny, at her J Shed studio, and drew something on clay, to represent their category. These tiles form the perimeter of the artwork. The boat is symbolic of our voyage through life… Hence the teaching blocks were given their names. The drawings in the mosaics for each block, were all drawn by students in those blocks, at the time, and then they all participated in making the mosaic.

When the government built the 2 new classrooms, on the hill, the block was named Koolangka Kadadjiny, meaning Children’s Learning Place- completing the 4 categories in the commissioned artwork. The golden wattle, clay collage was created on this block as the golden wattle is very special and useful to the First People in many ways, and it is prolific in the area. Everyone in the school at the time,  made a golden wattle flower- including Kindy, Dental Clinic, Canteen workers, Cleaners…everyone… and what a beautiful tree it is, representing our whole school community!

A little bit of South Coogee History from Gary Gough

The inaugural staff at the new school of 2003 consisted of 29 Staff members. The inaugural Principal was Mr. Spencer McKenna being 2003-2006. The ‘foundation’ staff members still at the new school are Sharon Puglia, Susan Parr, Gary Gough and Yvonne Bux. We brought from the ‘old-school’ all of its history, memorabilia and paraphernalia. It was at the time a massive job to do this and maintain the school’s status within the local community.

In fact a ‘Steering Committee’ consisting of Spencer McKenna, Peter Trimble, Pam Baskovich, Gary Gough and a few parents worked diligently to ensure the move went smoothly. Any person that I accidentally didn’t recognise then please do see me and I’ll amend. An example being that this committee worked with the L.A.E.P. ( Local Area Education Planning ), of the Education Department of WA to ensure that the above happened.

Later, South Coogee Primary School did receive many students from the now closed Wattleup Primary School and Hope Valley Primary School within the Cockburn District. At the time the Education Department wanted to name the school Stanford Gardens Primary School. The local name of the land division given at this time. The above committee ensured that this did not happen. Also, teachers and staff members did have considerable say in the ‘lay-out’ and ‘design’ of the school. Only in some aspects though as this school is a ‘generic-model’ used by the Education department in the early 2000’s. It was an extremely busy time when moving and staff gave an enormous amount of their own time to ensure a successful transition.

South Coogee Primary School Constructions Site 2002

South Coogee PS School Board

We currently looking for new members for our School Board. We have recently said goodbye to our long standing parent member Annette Martin and we are looking for someone to fill her shoes!

If you think this is something you would like to do please nominate yourself using the link below by 3pm on Tuesday 23 February 2021

Amy Dawson, Lorrena Duce, Annette Martin, Lyn Beard, Hayden Glass, Sue Parr, April Morgan & Julia Formato-Stockman

Other SCPS News

  • Assembly next week is on at 9am. This is a once off due to special circumstances
  • Breakfast Club is on Mondays and Thursdays in the Coastlands Wet Area from 8.00-8.30am
  • Late Open is every second week – Weeks 5, 7 & 9
  • This term is only 9 weeks! Term 2 is an 11 week term.
  • Our new Nature Playground is set to begin construction very soon. Watch this space!
  • Student Free days for 2021 as follows: 23 April, 8 June, 19 July & 17 December

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, and look forward to seeing you all again in Week 4.

Kind regards,

Amy Dawson

19 February 2021