From The Principal – AIR 25th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

The canteen will re-open on Wednesday 14th October.

Edu Dance will start on Tuesday 13th October for our Year 2, 4 and 6 students. Please ensure payment is made before this date.

Our Sustainability Fair was a huge success raising $1072.00.

Our Six Season Mural is nearly finished. Every child and staff member have contributed their hand prints. Please feel free to come and view this specatcular art work outside of W1 and W2.

If your child will be leaving at the end of this year could you please advise the office as we are starting to look at numbers for 2021.

Thank you to the Robb Family for their generous donation of a roll of red carpet for Drama Club’s performance. This will be useful for Graduation and other future events.

Students return on Monday 12th October. We have a jam packed term. Please view our Term Planner on our website for important dates.

Kind regards
Lyn Beard
















Athletics Carnival 2020
Congratulations to all Factions and our students on a terrific Athletics Carnival last Friday 18th September 2020. The weather was sunny and bright with many parents in attendance. Thank you to all our parents for your support and understanding throughout the carnival. Our students were very well behaved with excellent sportsmanship displayed. There were a lot of very happy students barracking for their Faction at our competitive and fun carnivals. Well done to you all.

The overall winning faction for the day were ‘Redback Spiders’–Red Faction. They were so….. excited. It is their first overall win for some time.

Red Faction 627 points
Green Faction 559 points
Blue Faction 515 points
Gold Faction 412 points

Champion Boy & Girl on the Day:
Year 3 : Abigail Morgan and Cameron Moors
Year 4: Paige Bowers and Levi Young
Year 5: Jordie Younger and Thomas Partridge
Year 6: Kaci Curtis and Peter Correia

Congratulations to the above overall individual winners per year level on the day and from the Field Event/800 meter carnival results.

Thank you to our many parent helpers and workers on the day. Thanks to Mrs Chappel, Mrs Petkovic, Mrs Muster, Mr Mazzuchelli, Mr Canny, Mr Wingell, Mr Russell and Mr Cardenas. I hope I haven’t accidentally missed anyone.
A huge thank you to all our staff members for such a successful day.

Kind regards
Gary Gough