From the Principal – AIR 20th October 2020

Dear Parents and Carers
Welcome back to Term 4. We had a lovely first week back.  Yesterday we had a fabulous time dressing up for book week whose theme was Curious Creature Wild Minds.

This term will be extremely busy as we try to fit in all the things we were unable to do during the Covid 19 restrictions. One of these is Ed-U-Dance for Years 2,4 and 6 which is part of the whole school Arts Plan.

Today the Year 1 children are going to the Zoo and next week Year 2’s are going to Fremantle Prison. These excursions support the curriculum areas in these year levels. Many of our students will be participating in the Interschool Athletics Carnival, in either the jumps and throws day or whole day events, or both.

At the end of Week 3 Ms Tyrie will be beginning her maternity leave. We are very fortunate that Ms Whittaker will take up her position from Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Scott will take the children on Thursday and Friday. Mrs Scott has already had opportunity to meet and work with all the children in that class.

Mr Bushe-Jones is currently Acting Principal at Kelmscott Primary School so Mrs Harrison has returned to take up this position while he is there. She is a very experienced recently retired Principal and is enjoying working in our lovely school. She tells me it’s the happiest school she has ever been in!

You may have noticed the frameworks for our huge umbrellas. The covers are being adjusted and will be installed soon.






Our wonderful six seasons mural has been completed and will be formally opened on November 6th. Details of our celebration will follow later, but children will be able to wear any costumes or clothing from their country of origin. This will be the beginning of NAIDOC Week in conjunction with Cultural Awareness Week.  Also in Week 4 children will be lucky enough to have a free Dance Prom concert from Act Belong Commit.







Kind regards
Lyn Beard