From The Principal – AIR 1st December

Dear Parents and Carers

Thanks to your P&C for the terrific Colour Run which was enjoyed by all the children who participated. I think that the parent helpers had as much or even more fun than the children! Special thanks to Sharon Tourtouris who liaised with the school and did the bulk of the organising.

There is always something exciting going on at South Coogee. Each of the buildings will soon be joined by a covering so that we can all walk around the school without getting wet. Plans are also in place for another nature area for children to play which will mean that an unused part of the school will be accessible to the children. We have begun a process of gradually replacing carpets. One classroom has been replaced, part funded by the school, and soon, thanks to the Department, another 3 will be replaced.

Year 6 students will soon be beginning their Graduation activities leading up to the Graduation Assembly. There will be a ticketing process for this assembly.

We have become quite famous for Len Thorne’s 6 seasons mural. An article was published in our Principal’s professional publication. The Nyitting

Congratulations to those students who were elected as Student Representatives. They are Siba Alzoughbi, Blake Butcher, Charlotte Lawson-Lafrentz, Asha McLernon, Phoebe Miller, Lara Price, Leon Richardson, Zachary Terpos and they will be presented with their badges at the Graduation Assembly. Congratulations too to the Assistants who have also chosen to take a leadership role in a range of areas across the school. They will receive their badges at the beginning of the year ready to start their important roles. Faction and Vice captains of our factions for 2021 will be elected by the children this Friday.

Steph Cotton will be working in an Acting capacity as Manager Corporate Services at Honeywood Primary School from Wednesday. She is also the recommended applicant for a substantive position in this role at Parkwood. This is pending a breach process which ends on Thursday. If there are no breaches, tomorrow is her last day here at South Coogee. I will miss having her in the office and her great care for your children, as well as her comprehensive knowledge of all children and links with families.

Colour Run
A huge thank you to everyone for supporting the colour run. The kids had a wonderful afternoon and we raised over $10,000 for the school. Thank you to all parents who donated their time to this wonderful event.

All prizes will be sent home on Friday with the winners. The two major prizes will be drawn at the choir assembly on Friday.