From the Principal

Open afternoon
At 3:15 pm on Monday 23rd September in the boat area, I am pleased to say that the Rock Band will show us what they have been practicing.

This will be followed by the choir singing what they presented at the Crown Theatre.

Then teachers will then be opening their doors between 3:30 and 5:30 pm for your children to show you samples of their work in a Learning Journey. This is taking the place of our Term 3 Progress Meeting as a result of feedback from parents and staff about last year’s meetings. Your child will have a plan ready with some things they can talk about to you. Teachers will be there but this is not the time for conversation about issues or progress. You will need to ring and make an appointment to do this.

If you are unable to attend at that time, your child can show you their learning journey at another time either before or after school or by arrangement with the teacher. Doors will be closed promptly at 5:30 pm so the school can be locked up by the cleaners.

Individual NAPLAN results were sent home with Year 3 and 5 students on Thursday. Information about how to interpret these are available at

Athletics Carnival
Field events – Throws, jumps and 800 metre races will be held on the morning of Tuesday 17th September.

Main Athletic Carnival will be held on Friday 20th September. Parents are invited to attend both events to support your child/children and their faction.

The Interschool Carnival dates next term are Tuesday 29th October for Jumps and Throws followed by the main carnival on Friday 1st November.

Cybersafety and Photographs
It is always exciting to see our own children performing, but sharing photos or video content filmed on site at school or at a school event on social media may cause serious privacy issues for some children. In some cases, this may cause harm to come to these children.

The school has a list of children who cannot have their photo published on line, so any photos you see from the school have been vetted to ensure safety of these children. This list is not available to parents for privacy reasons.

Parents should be aware that they should seek written permission from each parent of children appearing on their social media accounts to cover themselves and to ensure the safety of other children.

Students also need to be continually reminded that taking photos of their friends at school and posting them to social media is publishing without consent and can cause issues about duty of care perspective if the photo is taken wearing school uniform, onsite at the school, tagged into the school or on an excursion.

This school is happy for you to take photos up close of your child only, but please be aware that you do not know what is happening in the lives of the children in the background.

Term 3 ends on the 27th September and school resumes for Term 4 on Monday 14th October for students and staff.

School Board Meetings

The School Board met on Tuesday 6th August and Tuesday 3rd September to discuss the school’s progress and future plans. The following items were discussed:

· South Coogee Primary School’s Public School review is scheduled for Term 1 2020. School Staff are collecting and submitting data in preparation for the review.

· Regular authorised attendance has improved to 76.2%. The Board was informed that some students are regularly late and the school is exploring different strategies to improve.

· Parent representatives gave feedback on a School Code of Conduct to be shared with parents. This is designed to support staff and student well-being in light of a national study that reported up to 80% of teachers nationally have been subjected to bullying or harassment.

· A Reconciliation Action Plan is underway as part of the school-wide commitment to the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework. A bush tucker garden has been planted by the Year 4 students. Wanjoo Song has been included in our whole-school assemblies and a Noongar 6 seasons ground mural is planned near the Wetlands Block.

· Voluntary contributions are below expected at 56.6%. Reminder notices will be sent to parents/carers.

· School to implement a Learning Journey to replace the second progress meeting in Week 10 of Term 3.

· School is looking into implementing a Lexiled Reading Program for Year 3 to Year 6 for 2020.

· NAPLAN Data for WA was shared with the Board. WA remains the “most improved jurisdiction” in Australia