From The Principal

This term is a busy one. This week our students in Year 3 and 5 will be completing NAPLAN Online for the first time for the areas of Numeracy, Reading, Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation. Year 3 will be doing the Writing as a paper test and Year 5 will be doing Writing online. There are many ways that systems, schools and teachers monitor programs and NAPLAN is one of these ways.

Runners Club has begun on Wednesday mornings. Children and their parents or carers are invited to attend from 7:30 to 8:00am. There is a light breakfast offered after the run. Last week there were around 70 participants increasing their fitness and having fun.

Edu dance has begun for Years 2,4 and 6. There will be a concert for parents later this term on 26th June at 2:15pm. This is part of our whole school plan for the Arts.

Senior students will be involved in Interschool competitions for winter sports and in a Lightning Carnival on 21st June.

Our wonderful teachers continue to volunteer their time to provide extra curricula activities for children before and after school at Choir, Drama, Band and Robotics. Thanks go to Ms Barnes, Mr and Mrs Wheatley and Mr McNamara. 













Remember that you will have a 4-day break with your children as there is a Network Professional Learning Day for teachers on Friday the 31 May, followed by Western Australia Day on Monday 3rd of June.