Corona Virus Update 17th March

Good morning South Coogee Community 

I would like to assure you that your school is following all Health Department instructions which we receive every 2 days at the moment. At this time there is no move to close schools. 

We are very aware that children may be very concerned by the level of alarm in newspapers, on the television, and in shopping centres. We are trying very hard to keep school business as usual to minimise this worry for them. 

We have 485 students at school, and so we will be cancelling all whole school activities such as assemblies and whole school incursions until we are notified that this is safe for all our school. 

We have provided instructions to all teachers to revise and review all recommended precautions concerning washing hands and use of tissues etc. While it is difficult to police social distancing at a school, we are doing so as far as it is possible. 

In line with the Health Department information about social distancing, for your safety and that of the teachers, the teacher interviews are postponed until further notice as a 1.5 distance between you both does not make for a very productive meeting.  This means that students will attend school for the whole day as normal on the 25th March.  OSH Club will go back to their normal hours.

It may be in your child’s best interests that they only use their own personal water bottle rather than the taps. You may like to provide them with an additional bottle, or they can request their teachers to refill them from a sink in the wet area. This is your own choice which you may like to discuss with your child. 

I will be keeping you updated on instructions we receive from the Health Department and our Department of Education. Meanwhile the following link will keep you informed.

Kind regards 

Lyn Beard