Athletics Team winners

Congratulations to our fantastic Athletic Team that represented the school at the two Carnivals last Wednesday (Field Events) and Friday (Main Carnival) for 2017. 

Our 74 competitors and teachers involved had a great carnival day. Our students were very well-behaved and had a wonderful day of fun, competition and friendliness. Certainly, our school was by far the ‘best cheering and chanting’ team urging & supporting all of our athletes throughout the entire day. 

Many thanks go to Mrs Anderson, Ms Barnes, Mr Bush-Jones, Mrs Dawson and Mrs Beard for your valuable help and support throughout the carnival. It was a very, very busy day for all concerned. 

Thanks to Mr Scott, our gardener and parents for your needed help in erecting and dismantling our two shade shelters. 

Special congratulations to Isaiah Wingell for coming Runner-Up in the Champion Year 4 category. Isaiah received a terrific medallion for his efforts at the carnival. A great result for him personally. 

Our School placed 2nd in the ‘A’ Division of the Cockburn District School Sports Association. 

We were very close to winning outright. A marvellous effort in 2017. 

Final Results

1st Coogee PS 
2nd South Coogee PS 
3rd Bibra Lake PS 
4th Samson PS 
5th Beaconsfield PS 
6th Caralee Community School 

Gary Gough