Air News from the Principal

I would like to wish all families a very happy and restful holiday. Children and teachers have had a very busy Term 3 and we will be looking forward to a Term 4 which is promising to be just as busy with lots of learning combined with lots of fun. There will be a Sustainability Fair and I know there are excursions planned already including the end of year Graduation excursions. Your P&C will also be running a Slime Run and will be asking you to support your children to raise sponsorship. All funds raised go to improve facilities here at this school.

Meanwhile, have a restful break in preparation for Term 4. Stay safe and enjoy the time with your children.

100 Year Anniversary

We had a very successful Centenary Celebration. Our committee of Brooke Sputore, Shelley Standley and Michelle Miller certainly did extensive research to unearth some very interesting memorabilia and photos. Thank you to the community members who contributed and attended to make this a very successful morning.

Learning Journey

The Celebration Assembly was followed by our annual Learning Journey with all classes reporting that the children enjoyed showing their parents what they had learned and why they were learning it.

Sports Carnival 2021

The weather wasn’t kind to us for our scheduled weather date and so the carnival was transferred to Monday this week. While it was odd having the carnival at the beginning of the week, it was a great success with lots of happy competitors and spectators on the day. The carnival was won by the Redbacks and competition was keen all day.

Kindergarten teachers decided to have their own mini carnivals and ran these with all the fun and colour of the main day, but with more opportunity for children to have more races.

A huge thank you to all our teachers/ staff and parents that helped complete the main Athletic Carnival on Monday 21st September 2021. It was indeed a lovely, bright, and sunny day. It proved to be a very successful carnival. 

Congratulations to ‘Red’ Faction for your second victory in a row having won the carnival last year. 

Well done in particular to the following students for achieving ‘Champion Boy or Girl’ in Years 3-6. They all received a beautiful medallion on the day for their magnificent efforts. Congratulations to you all. 

Year 3 Boy = Mason Rainsford   Red Faction
Year 3 Girl   = Elena  Oreliana      Blue Faction 
Year 4 Boy   = Marcus Vasilescu   Red Faction
Year 4 Girl     Melody Brackstone   Blue Faction
Year 5 Boy    Levi Young                 Red Faction 
Year 5 Girl     Emily Chalmers         Red Faction
Year 6 Boy    Zane Anderson         Red Faction
Year 6 Girl     Jordie Younger         Blue Faction

Faction Reward Day

Gold was the winner of our whole term PBS (Positive Behaviour in Schools Program) rewards. Students earn AIR tokens in class and in the playground which go towards these. We will look forward to seeing who will win the Term 4 competition. 

Sustainability News


Each block at South Coogee now has an electric composter to assist SCPS in reducing it’s carbon footprint. Students can turn their crunch n sip scraps into fertilizer for our kitchen gardens.


Wastewise and C1 worked tireless to sort and weigh our whole school rubbish. The students evaluated how SCPS could reduce its impact on landfill. Our results showed a marked improvement from 3 years ago, but the 351 chip packets in only half of our bins for just one day,  was an area the students have marked for improvement.


BAE Systems Australia have reached out to offer their support in collecting Containers for Change for South Coogee. We are very excited to be extending our community relations and appreciate their support. All donations go straight to our P&F, our total to date is $225.80. 

Rochelle Anderson

Staff Retirement

Colleen Christie has announced that she is retiring from the Department of Education. Colleen has been a teacher for nearly 38 years, 18 of them at South Coogee. She has given great service to the schools she has worked in, the students she has taught, worked to make parents part of the learning journey with their children and provided support and friendship to her colleagues over the years. I know that you will join me in wishing her well in her well-earned retirement.

Board Report – Mr Hayden Glass

Today (Tues 14th) marked our final board meeting for term 3 – which was open to the whole school community.   
It was great to hear about the 100 year school birthday celebrations. It was our privilege to host so many guests from our school and local community – including the (current site) founding Principal of South Coogee, Mr Spencer McKenna join us. A massive well done and thank you to all the staff, volunteers and students involved.   
Mrs Beard and Mrs Parr updated us on the happenings around the school including some planning and preparations or term 1, 2022.   
As we come towards the final term of the year, a gentle reminder you can visit our school office and fulfil your voluntary contributions for each child, if you haven’t done so already this year.   
From Julia, our Board Chair and the rest of the members, we wish you a safe, relaxing holiday and are looking forward to seeing you back again school on 11th October for our final term of the year.   
Best,  Hayden G