AIR News from the Principal 19 August 2021

Malik and D’von Whitton wrote all about their successful weekend at their Jui-Jitsu Competition. Well done boys!

Mid Term Blog

This term is midway through. Its a busy term with Athletics, 100 Year Anniversary, and Learning Journeys still to come. You can see from the posts below, and if you look at Facebook or Instagram, from our regular posts that the learning program this term has been very exciting here. Our Learning Journeys will take place from 11:45 on September 8th, following our 100 year celebration.

NAIDOC Assembly

We all met on our 6 beautiful 6 Seasons mural for our NAIDOC Assembly. We were joined by Mr Len Thorne who was the artist who worked with the children. Mr Thorne addressed the students to remind them of the significance of looking after country and of the celebration. He called on all the children to remember that for them, their country was this school, and it was important that they take care of it. Students sang the National Anthem in Noongar, an Aboriginal song about being strong and one of our favourite Noongar songs, Djinda Djinda. We are waiting for the sign which is to be erected to tell the story of the mural.

Jeans for Genes Day

We strongly believe that children should support worthy charities. Gene research is one of these as it helps many families. On our Jeans for Genes Day children and staff wore their favourite jeans for the cost of a gold coin. We raised over $450 for genetic research.

Cross Country

Girls and boys were selected to be in the Interschool cross country competition which was held at Manning Park. The course is a long, but interesting one. It is longer than the school’s own cross country, so children who made the team must have been able to run this extra distance. We are proud of everyone in the team, no matter what position they came as they trained and prepared well for the competition. South Coogee PS came a very close second – pipped at the post by just 3 points! We had 13 children out of the team came 10th or better, with Thomas from year 6 coming 4th, Joby from year 6 coming 5th, Levi from year 5 coming 5th, Abigail from year 4 coming 5th, and Luca from year 4 also coming 5th. There was an example of great sportsmanship from Joby in year 6. He stopped to help a student from another team that had fallen over during the race.

Sustainability and care for the environment

Year 4 students were hosted by the City of Cockburn to visit the new sea bin which collects rubbish from the ocean. After being provided with morning tea they then did a Beach Clean collecting lots of rubbish left by others. On another occasion our Year 5 students were also hosted by the City of Cockburn and improved the environment by plantings vegetation along the walking path (see photos at start of blog) Cockburn Cement recently worked with the Year 6 students to plant tube stock they donated to us into bare patches of our gardens to attract birds and butterflies to our school.

100 Year Anniversary

Planning for our 100 Year Anniversary is well under way. Because we are not still on the original South Coogee site, this will be a short assembly with information from some invited guests. Chairs will be reserved for those past students, teachers and our own school community if bookings are made through the site It will be followed by opportunity to inspect the photos and artifacts from ‘olden’ days and to visit our classrooms to look at modern education in action. Visitors will then be offered a morning tea ‘cuppa’ and biscuits so they can reminisce with each other. The morning will end for visitors at 11:45 when our school will close for parents and students to have their own learning journey in the afternoon.

Classes are engaging in activities from the ‘olden days’ in their classroom. Examples are that this morning W1,2 and 3 were learning the Barn Dance and having a lot of fun. Year 1 were making butter and using blackboards and chalk. Year 3 were visited by Foodbank who did some basic cooking activities.

The quality of Art at our school is outstanding. This week some of the picks of our work is being displayed at the Cockburn Memorial Hall at the Youth Arts Festival run by the Cockburn Community Cultural Council. I hope that some of you were able to visit to see the work displayed with great care by Mrs Bux.

What’s Happening in STEM

Stop Motion in Action

The Year 4 STEM Design and Digital Technology Program started with students from C1 and C2 making a simple flipbook to understand the science behind movie-making. Now the students are producing their own stop motion films. Using green screen technology and movie sets they created from plasticine and recyclable materials, the students are busy filming their short stories about ocean sustainability practices.

STEM Learning Inspired by the School’s 100 Year History

Did you know the Australian lamington was created in 1896 in honour of Lord and Lady Lamington or that the origin of the humble rissole dates back to WWI in the ANZAC trenches at Gallipoli? These and other traditional Australian recipes are being learnt as part of the Year 5 STEM cooking program and the students from W1, W2 and W3 are proving to be quite handy in the kitchen.

Meet our Volunteers

This is Alison. Alison volunteers at South Coogee Primary School by supporting Mrs Bux in the art room. With a little extra time on her hands, Alison decided she would become a volunteer and her passion for the arts led her to offer to help in the art room. She enjoys working with Mrs Bux and seeing the creative work the students produce.

Alison has had the opportunity to work on some of the larger art projects that are displayed throughout the school grounds, such as Moogee the Picasso Cow.

Just like Alison, if you are thinking of being a long-term volunteer, it is worth choosing something you enjoy. This will ensure that not only those that you help benefit, but the experience also enriches your life.

Alison, the students and staff at South Coogee Primary School thank you for your service.

There is nothing more exciting than when animals come to visit our students. Thanks to farmer, Glen Andrews and vet nurse, Emma Bignell from Tattarang Group, the students met Zoe the Joey as part of the school’s STEM project – Kangaroo Rescue. When Glen heard that the students were making pouches for orphaned joeys, he offered to bring in the baby kangaroo he rescued. Emma, who nursed Zoe back to health explained to the students what it takes to care for a joey.

Glen is proactive when it comes to bringing in animals from the farm that will enrich learning experiences that help students make real-life connections with what is taught in the classroom.

Glen and Emma, the staff and students at South Coogee Primary School thank you for your service.

Board Report by Amy Dawson

Last Tuesday the 10 August the School Board met to discuss a variety of things that are happening at South Coogee PS. The results from the Parent Survey were presented and overall we have a overwhelming positive response. Thank you to those parents and carers that completed this. It helps us with our planning and focus areas going forward.

Next we discussed South Coogee’s plans for our 100 year celebration on the 8 September in week 8. Assembly will be at 9.00am sharp, tickets can be booked through Trybooking. This helps us to have a clear number of how many guests we will have on the day. As part of the students celebrating the 100 years, all classes will contribute a two page spread for a book as part of a STEM project. Our past principal Spencer McKenna has also been invited to address the assembly. There will be a small morning tea afterwards as well as some classes will be open to the guests to come in and have a look.

The P&C is keen to mark our 100 Year Celebration and has designed a 100 Year commemorative pin for the occasion. It is available from the canteen or on flexischools for $5. Thank you to the P&C to their lovely gesture of gifting 100 year pins to each staff member at South Coogee. It is thoroughly appreciated!

On the same day we have early close at 11.45am for our Learning Journey. Classes will be open for families to visit from 12-5.30pm.

Another item on the agenda was Remote Learning and the school’s readiness to ‘pivot’ to learning at home. Teachers across the state are completing online modules to ready them for using various programs that will complement Remote Learning. Hopefully this won’t be needed but just in case be assured that South Coogee staff will be ready to pivot to learning at home for your children.

The board then discussed the new shade sails over the Junior Playground. A big thank you again to the P&C for their generous donation of $17000 towards the cost of this initiative totalling a massive $23000! As a sustainable school we monitor our water usage which unfortunately tripled! We are in the process of auditing this anomaly and will make adjustments to our water usage accordingly.

The uniform shop as of this week, has been moved across to be managed by Nell Gray which is located in Jandakot. Lastly we discussed staffing for 2022 which is underway.

Our next meeting will be a public meeting which is on 14 September at 8.35am in the conference room. All are welcome!

Community News – Mental Health in the Spotlight

As part of our Mental Health and Well-Being Action Plan, we invited one of our parents Matt Willson to join our Mental Health committee. If you would like to join as well, all are welcome! Below is information on an event for Black Dog on a Lead, members of South Coogee Primary School can get a special discount!