From the Principal AIR 25th February

Welcome back to our lovely school. A special welcome goes to our new students and their families.

School Numbers
The school has 486 students enrolled. There are 4 Kindergarten classes this year.

Mr Mitchell Smith joins us this year and is teaching Year 4 students. We have a number of Special Needs Education Assistants have been employed – Mrs Cataldi, Ms Darlow, Miss Grocock, Mrs Cass and Mrs McFadden.

These are held every second week for Pre primary to Year 6. Classes take turns to present the assembly. Your child’s teacher will advise you when their assembly is scheduled. Merit Certificates are presented at assemblies. Teachers will advise parents if their child will be receiving a certificate. We welcome all parents and friends to our assemblies.

School Board
The School Board has parent representatives to put forward the view of our parent body. Your parent representatives are Mrs Julia Formato-Stockman, Mr Hayden Glass, Ms Annette Martin and Ms Kathryn Dawes are the P&C representative on the Board.

School Maintenance Program
We are very fortunate to have been given Department funding to paint our school. While this was scheduled during the holidays, there were unavoidable delays. I am sure you agree that the painting looks fresh and attractive.

School Crossing
Bruce has been keeping our children safe and brightening their mornings with his cheery greetings at our crosswalk. Please ensure that students exit your car from the passenger side / kerb side of the car. It is extremely dangerous for them to exit your car on the roadside. It is not legal to stop at the crosswalk to let your child out of your car.

Surplus chairs
The school has around 35 small green kindergarten sized plastic chairs which are surplus to our needs. We would like to make them available to parents for a donation which will be used to purchase new equipment.

Contributions and charges
We would encourage you to pay the voluntary contribution of $60 per child. This can be paid by card or cash at the front office as a full or part payment. Recently the school erected shade sails in the Early Childhood area. These are the kinds of extras your Contributions and Charges are used for.

Your P&C does an excellent job of making our school a better place. They run the canteen, the uniform shop, and fundraise with some fun activities. The P&C can only run if parents are involved whether its by attending meetings, helping in the canteen, or helping at fundraising events. The P&C contributed half the cost of shade sails in the Early Childhood. Funds raised in 2020 are always targeted towards children attending in 2020, so your help in any way would be appreciated.

School 3 Year Review
Every school in Western Australia has a School Review every 3 years. Ours will be on March 5th. We are looking forward to showing the Review Team South Coogee Primary School. We are very proud of it. The review is a self-assessment and the Review Team are coming to validate our self review. Members of your P&C and the School Board will be speaking to the team to represent you. The results of the Parent and Student surveys form part of our self assessment, so your views and that of our older students will be represented.

Art News
Coogee live 2020
Free community event
7th & 8th March

On Wednesday our year 6 students participated in an origami workshop run by artist, Melanie Gray. Melanie is doing a giant community art installation at Coogee Live, titled “Coogee takes Flight”. It will be made of hundreds- hopefully thousands, of folded paper cranes. All community members are invited to fold origami cranes (template on link attached) that are needed to be used in the installation. These cranes can be folded on the day, or brought down to Coogee beach on the day or dropped off in the front office of our school by Friday 6th March.

Many of our year 6 students are now busy folding cranes and adding their wishes on the wings for this community project. Everyone is welcome to start folding and be part of this community event.

Sport News
A huge thank you to the WACA for their school visit to South Coogee Primary School. We had two Cricket Development Officers teach our Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 classes on Monday 10th February. They introduced the Cricket Blast Programme to our students and gave out plenty of information about Girls Cricket and Club Cricket for our students in the Phoenix Beeliar region. I also received some up-to-date professional learning from the officers. Thank you to Cherie Pirnie and Luke Caifano from the West Australian Cricket Association for all your efforts and resources given to the school.

More information can be obtained by seeing Mr Gough or referring to the Sports Notice Board at the school.