From the Principal AIR 14th May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

COVID-19 update
Thank you all for your cooperation in maintaining distancing both in the morning and afternoon. You will receive a standard letter from the Department through me today outlining the way forward.

We have had up to 92% of our children at school this week which is what we expect in ‘normal’ times. We are very pleased about this as we know how important a predictable environment which includes face to face teaching and social interaction is to children at this time.

It has been heart-warming to hear how teachers have been receiving lovely messages from many parents acknowledging their dedication to their profession and care for the children. We have amazing staff at South Coogee.

Pupil free Day 29th May
We did advise that we have a have a District Professional Learning Day planned for the 29th May. Although this is not going ahead as a whole of District meeting for obvious reasons, our school will be running its own Professional Learning–Pupil free day. This will mean a four-day break for children as it is on the Friday prior to the long weekend. These days are set by the Department of Education to ensure teachers are equipped to provide your child with current and effective teaching processes. At our school it also helps us maintain our whole school approach which was acknowledged in the recent 3 year School Review. “The school improvement journey and high quality conditions set for student success are inspirational.”

We still expect children to be wearing the correct school uniforms. We want children to be warm so tights and long sleeve skivvies under correct school t-shirt are acceptable. However, they should be either navy, maroon or black. Girls are expected to wear skirts or skorts over tights. Only school hats are allowed and children must wear a hat all year unless they are undercover. I have been told that there are plenty of fleece jackets in stock and readily available from the store.  There is a  wait for microfibre jackets of about 12 weeks. There is also a selection of jackets available in our second hand uniforms please contact

This Friday we will be having our first assembly this term presented by Wetlands 2. Children will join in via WEBEX. We are working hard to keep our school as normal as possible.  All children seem to be very happy to have their routine continue.  Children who will be awarded merit certificates will be photographed after the assembly.

Mr Len Thorne has joined our staff as our AIEO (Aboriginal Islander Education Officer) He is at school on Monday and Wednesdays until lunch time and is proving to be an asset to our school in our implementation of our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan), supporting all children, and in making links with our community. He has prepared a drawing for our planned 6 seasons mural in the area near W1 and W2 which all the children will be helping paint.

The Canteen will be opening as usual on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from next week. Thank you for supporting your school Canteen.